The Saints and Scholars menu is truly a labor of love by Owner Amanda Stoffel. She worked for well over a year with the Gilkey Consulting Group before coming up with the menu we used for opening day in October of 2022. The process to curate a menu consisting of a mixture of somewhat traditional dishes with a more modern or American twist along with other pub favorites was not an easy one. There was A LOT of time and effort which included tasting sessions, recipe edits, reviews and changes over the year before coming up with what she felt fit the vision. Head Chef Brad White came in and added his input and additional items as well. This is an everchanging element of our new Irish Pub. Keep an eye out of new items based on customer feedback along with changes along the way to insure the best possible food experience for all guests. We are excited about what’s to come! 😊

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Hyde No.5 The Áras Cask

Hyde No.5 is a triple distilled, pure grain, Irish whiskey from one single distillery location. Originally distilled in a traditional “coffey” Copper Column still, from pure Corn (maize) grain. It is made in small batches, not blended in any way, and matured for over 6 years in flame-charred, first fill, ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky in the U.S.A. before being ‘finished’ for a further 6 months in vintage burgundy French red wine casks. This leads to a wonderfully rubyred colour in the Hyde No.5 Single Grain. HYDE Whiskey’s Burgundy red wine casks come from the Burgundy region of France from the Côte d’Or vineyards near Dijon, France. Burgundy red wine is made from Pinot noir grapes which ferment the whole grape that is crushed before fermentation.